Local Organising Committee





No. F.9( )SKNAU/DIR-RARI/Estt.I/2023/5382                                                                 Dated: 22-11-23 


Committee consisting of the following scientist/employees is hereby constituted for smooth organization of 1st International Extension Education Congress to be organized by Society of Extension Education, Agra in collaboration with SKNAU, Jobner scheduled to be held on 18-20 Dec., 2023 at RARI, Durgapura, Jaipur. 

Registration Committee  
Dr. K.C. Gupta, Assoc. Prof., Agron  Convenor 
Dr. Shweta Gupta, Asstt. Prof, Agron Member
Stage Decoration and Hall Arrangement Committee  Convenor
Dr. Uadal Singh, Assoc. Prof., Hort. Member
Dr. S.K. Bairwa, Asstt. Prof., Hort. Member
Dr. Pratibha Singh, Asstt. Prof., S. Chem. Member
Sh. Santosh Kumar, SRF Member
Transport and Accomodation Committee  
Dr. R.S. Bajiya, Asstt. Prof., Ento. Convenor
Dr. Hem Raj Gurjar, Asstt. Prof. Nema.
Dr. Bheem Pareek, Asstt. Prof. Agron. Member
Dr. Rajesh, YP-II (Hort.) Member
Food Committee  
Dr. R.S. Sharma, Asstt. Prof. P. Path. Convenor 
Dr. S.K. Sharma, Asstt. Prof. PBG Member
Technical Session Committee  
Dr. Seema Sharma, Assoc. Prof. Agron Convenor 
Dr. R. C. Meena, Assoc. Prof., P. Phys.   Member 
Dr. Vipin Kumar, Assoc. Prof., Ento.  Member 
Dr. B.N. Sharma, Asstt. Prof. Ento.   Member 
Dr. Hem Raj Gurjar, Asstt. Prof., Nema.   Member 
Press & Media Committee  
Dr. Y.K. Sharma, Asstt. Prof. Hort.  Convenor 
Dr. Arun Kumar, SRF (Hort.) Member
Poster Presentation Committee  
Dr. Ummed Singh, Prof. (Agro.) Convenor 
Dr. Subhod Bishnoi, Assoc. Prof. Member
Dr. Bhavya Mishra, Asstt. Prof., P. Path Member
Sh. Ramswaroop Jat, YP-I Member
Sh. Ram Gopal, CG-II (Agro.) Member

       Convenor of each committee is advised to estimate their requirement as per rules and get it approved from the organizing secretary, IEEC. Futher, convenor of the committee may opt any suitable person, if needed with the intimation to the undersigned. 


Copy for information:- 

  1. President/ Secretary, Society of Extension Education, Agra. 
  2. Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma, PS (Organising Secretary, IEEC), ICAR-DRMR, Bharatpur. 

                                                                                                                                                                I/C, Estt.